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Born in Pozoblanco, in 1994, María José Llergo joined the local violin school at a young age. She also stood out in the choir of the Colegio Concepcionistas. Owing to being granted a musical scholarship, she moved to Barcelona when she was 19 years old, continuing her musical education, starting a professional career as a singer. Maria José Llergo's voice is not only an original take on Spanish folklore but also talks about her profound - and atypical - commitment to art. Her music stirs hearts and instincts. Flamenco seasoned with all kinds of sounds free from any traditional constraints… Change the dress, but not the method: allow the music to pass through it and project it wildly. A deep and sincere voice, and at the same time, a close and connected bridge to the past: her memories, her grandparents' teachings, her Andalusian roots. Her first work "Sanación" has been praised by fans and critics on either side of the ocean as one of the best albums of 2020. NPR included it as one of their 25 favourite albums in 2020. In 2021, she was nominated for a Latin Grammy for the song "Mi Huella" alongside Fuel Fandango, has been chosen to showcase at HBO Max's "Acoustic Home" music documentary series, and recently nominated for the upcoming 2022 Goya (Spain's main national annual film awards, awarded by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences) for her song "Te espera el mar", a cry to so many lives lost at sea. Discography EPs Sanación (2020) Ultrabelleza (2023) Singles Niña de las Dunas (2017) Me Miras Pero No Me Ves (2019) Nana del Mediterráneo (2019) Nana de los Rosales (feat. Paquete) (2019) El Péndulo (2019) El Hombre de las Mil Lunas (2020) ¿De Qué Me Sirve Llorar? (2020) Soy Como El Oro (2020) Pena, Penita, Pena (Lola Flores cover) (2020) A Través De Ti (2020) La Luz (with Didi Gutman$, hyhook) (2020) Que Tú Me Quieras (2021) Te Espera El Mar (2021) SANSA (REPUTA) (Zahara feat. María José Llergo) (2022)