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Considered one of the most powerful and authentic flamenco dancers “bailaoras” of this generation, Mercedes de Córdoba has a long and consolidated career. She is known for being an “outstanding” performer for her natural talent, her versatility and her ability to powerfully convey emotions.

Mercedes de Córdoba has been touring at a young age with highly regarded flamenco artists both nationally and internationally. Over the years, she has also been recognised as an outstanding soloists and a choreographer. Recently this precocious flamenco dancer “bailaora“  has become one of the essential names in the world of contemporary flamenco dance as she is able to effortlessly captivate ant audience.  Awards and achievements: After receiving the National Flamenco Award in her hometown in 2013, Mercedes de Córdoba began a promising career with her own company performing internationally with her shows `Sin Más´, `Ser. Ni conmigo ni sin mí’. She was critically-acclaimed and received a huge feedback from XXV Festival de Jerez, the XXI, Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla and VI Festival Flamenco Madrid. Her production: `Sí, quiero´, was a hit at the XXV Festival de Jerez for which she obtained the following awards: ‘Guitarra con Alma’ award Best Musical Composition award from the guitarist Juan Campallo Revelation Artist Award from flamenco dancer Águeda Saavedra Best Accompaniment Cante award from Pepe de Pura.  Best Show Award Festival de Jerez 2022 : Cámara abierta, by Paula Comitre.  Awarded for her outstanding role as a choreographer and artistic director. (This show was co-directed with David Coria).  Desplante award: For her piece `Con-migo´, presented by the dancer Fernando Jiménez awarded at the Unión Festival.  Artistic directior/Coreography `Ya no seremos´, by Ángel Rojas. `Sangre´ by Rafael and Juan Campallo. `Nacer para morir´, by Adela Campallo. `De Sevilla a Cádiz´, by ‘Arte en movimiento’  `Sonido de mis días’ by Gema Moneo.  `Al igual que tú´, premiered at the XXV Festival de Jerez. Choreographed together with Eva Yerbabuena, this was the first time that this dancer from Granada has put herself in the hands of a choreographer, interestingly, Mercedes de Córdoba used to be her student and was part of her dance troupe at the beginning of her career as a dancer. Reviewes and Achnowledgements: Most recently, at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2022, Mercedes de Córdoba received outstanding reviews from the specialised press.