Sadler's Wells Theatre

Rocío Molina

Al fondo riela

  • Tuesday 04 June 2024
  • 19:30 h
  • Sadler’s Wells Theatre
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Dressed in black and torn between two guitars, the renegade choreographer Rocío Molina opens the Flamenco Festival 2024 in her subversive style. Using the original flamenco trio – dance, song and guitar – Al Fondo Riela (it glimmers in the depths) is a piece about reflection and the loss of reality. This is a work where all the ghosts of Molina’s past emerge.

On stage, she is accompanied by two contrasting guitarists, Eduardo Trassierra with his traditional, technical skill, and Yerai Cortés with his innovative flair.

Molina returns after her appearance at the Flamenco Festival in 2019, the same year she won the Critics’ Circle National Dance award for outstanding female performance.

In 2022 the Venice Biennale has awarded the Silver Lion to Rocío Molina, the first flamenco dancer to be recognised by the prestigious Italian art festival.

Rocío Molina

Rocío Molina, born in Málaga -Spain- in 1984, has coined her own artistic language based on a reinvented traditional flamenco style which respects its essence, but embraces the avant-garde. She was awarded the Spanish National Award for Dance in 2010, she’s been associated with the Chaillot National Theater in Paris since 2014, and she has received the Max Award in 2017 (Best dancer ; Best choreography for “Caída del Cielo” – Fallen from heaven), and in 2015 (Best choreography for “Bosque Ardora” – Ardora’s Forest). Thus, she is one of the Spanish artists with greater international repercussion. Her works have been performed in major venues around the world and are recognized by critics and audiences as unique scenic events where technical virtuosity, formal research and visual beauty live together.