Miami Dade Auditorium (Miami, FL)

Jazz Eñe: Antonio Lizana


  • Friday 03 April 2020
  • 00:08 h
  • Miami Dade Auditorium (Miami, FL)
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Admired as a saxophonist, vocalist and composer,
he has mastered both traditions, flamenco and jazz, and brought international recognition to his work. Among his many credits is collaborating with Grammy winner Arturo O’Farrill’s Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra. For this special occasion, he performs selections from his latest recording, Oriente, experimenting with eastern rhythms and sounds in his flamenco- jazz mix.

This concert is part of the series Jazz Eñe co-organized with Fundación SGAE.

Jazz Eñe: Antonio Lizana

Antonio Lizana began to study saxophone at age 10 in the Conservatory of Music in San Fernando, Cadiz, and has his first contact with jazz when he attended various jazz seminars given by Jerry Bergonzi, Dick Oatts, Jim Snidero and Perico Sambeat. In 2011 he finished his higher education jazz studies at Musikene, the Advanced Music School in the Basque Country. He had teachers such as Mikel Andueza, Guillermo Klein,Jordi Rossi, Bob Sands,Miguel Blanco, Perico Sambeat, Andrej Olejnizak and Guillermo McGuill amongst others. It is during his stay in the Basque Country where his own Project, Antonio Lizana Group was born. He was part of the Afrodisian orchestra, conducted by Miguel Blanco. Antonio collaborated as a saxophonist, arranger and singer on Miguel Blanco’s latest album (Satierismos 2011). Antonio also collaborates with the afro-latin-jazz orchestra of Arturo O’farril, based in New York, as a singer and saxophonist. He collaborated on his latest album, participating in various concerts with this big band, where he shared the stage with brothers Andy and Jerry Gonzalez, Dave Valentin, Papo Vazquez, Pablo Mayor, Cristina Pato, Ximo Tevar, Gregg Agust, amongst others…