Lilian Baylis Studio

Compañía Manuel Liñan Copia

Residencia Artística: Muerta de Amor

  • Wednesday 12 July 2023
  • 18:00 h
  • Lilian Baylis Studio
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Artistic Residency: from July 5th to 12th
Sharing: July 12th 6pm

For years, relationships between people of the same sex have been challenging, even sanctioned. Those in same-sex relationships often could not show their love publicly, but instead found other ways to express themselves.

This new creation by Manuel Liñan explores our need for loving relationships. The contact between dancers and importantly the absence of it is essential in this work. Liñán sheds light on our desire for touch and intimacy, the feelings that hold us back, and what drives us.

Liñán is known for exploring sexuality and gender expression through his work having previously presented the acclaimed ¡VIVA! At the Flamenco Festival 2022. Muerta de Amor was produced as part of programme of artistic residencies curated by the Flamenco Festival.

Compañía Manuel Liñan Copia

Winner of the 2017 National Dance Award, Manuel Liñan was born in Granada and studied with the legendary Manolete and Mario Maya. Manuel not only shines as a dancer but also as a choreographer and a director. He has been invited on numerous occasions to choreograph shows by companies such as the National Ballet of Spain, Rafaela Carrasco, Teresa Nieto and the New Spanish Ballet.