Sadler's Wells Theatre


In Concert

  • Thursday 30 June 2022
  • 19:30 h
  • Sadler’s Wells Theatre
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Tomatito has become a soloist of maximum relevance within the field of flamenco guitar. Hisapproach to both sober and holiday sticks brings out an unprecedented sensitivity and an unusual gift of interpretation.

An extraordinarily charismatic personality and a continuous commitment to the development and dissemination of flamenco worldwide have allowed him to gain more than deserved recognition, not only in the musical area but also in the world of cinema, theater and art.

He has collaborated with a multitude of performers from around the globe and has inspired and influenced a whole generation of young guitar values. He has remained faithful to his principles in his many advances through foreign lands and yet he has been welcomed every time as another member of the universal musical brotherhood.
Tonight TOMATITO joins a group of musicians carefully selected for their affinity with the gypsy musical spirit to share again, that intangible magic, that captivating rhythm and that emotional power of those who he possesses the key. His message is always the same: “A flamenco has to play flamenco…”