Carnival Studio@Adrienne Arsht Center

José del Tomate

Plaza Vieja

  • Sunday 03 March 2024
  • 19:00 h
  • Carnival Studio@Adrienne Arsht Center
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José Fernández, aka José del Tomate, was born in Almería into a family of artists. His father, Tomatito, and his great-grandfather, Miguel Fernández Cortés “El Tomate,” have been an artistic inspiration for him. Fernández also recognizes Sabicas and Paco de Lucía as influences, but above all of them is his uncle El Niño Miguel, who has marked him the most. In 2018, Fernández released his debut solo album, Plaza Vieja (Universal Music).

For his Miami debut, Fernández will be accompanied by Karime Amaya, great-niece of the legendary Carmen Amaya and inheritor of her wild and soul-stirring dancing. Amaya was part of the popular Stars of Flamenco show at Flamenco Festival 2014.

José del Tomate