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The dance company MUSA proposes creative processes that combine reflection and aesthetic pleasure.

MUSA is a multidisciplinary company that reflects through the synergy between different artistic expressions: dance, plastic arts, theater or music, from the Flamenco matrix. MUSA proposes to develop creative processes around a REFLECTION. These processes are extended long enough to cover a wide and versatile look on this reflection.

During a rich and deep exploration that can span several years, different artistic experiences converge to provide multiple approaches around this reflection. These approaches will manifest themselves in different formats for the public: film projects, performances in alternative spaces, photography, visual arts or video installation exhibitions, “small format” stage works for small venues, or works to be staged in conventional theaters.

This method allows to involve the spectator during the whole creative process, making him/her an agent of this search experience, and generating a constant feedback between the different artistic disciplines.