Irvine Barclay Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)

Ballet Flamenco Jesús Carmona


  • Friday 05 October 2018
  • 20:00 h
  • Irvine Barclay Theatre (Los Angeles, CA)
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It’s a show born out of personal discoveries, out of the willing of loving arts and flamenco. A gift to myself, with love to theater, ‘tablaos’, improvisation, choreography, inspiration, the moment, Spanish dance, flamenco, avantgarde and sharing with other artists. It’s an experiment that wants to touch the public, breaking the ‘fourth wall’. At the end, Amatør is a mix of dreams come true.

Original idea, direction, choreography and dance: Jesús Carmona
Singers: Juan José Amador, Jonathan Reyes, Jesús Corbacho
Guitar: Juan Requena
Artistic direction: Rafaela Carrasco, Jesús Carmona
Special guest choreographers: Marco Flores, Nino de los Reyes
Muusic: Juan Requena
Design of scenic space: Gloria Montesinos
Lights: David Pérez
Sound: Juan Luis Vela
Regiduría: Lola Alonso
Dresses: Lucia Campillo, Gabriel Besa, Noelia García
Executive production: Carmen Cantero (Art & Danza)
Production: Jesus Carmona & Cía.

With the collaboration of:

Ballet Flamenco Jesús Carmona

“The rapacious way he strides across stage space is terrific, the fast-slicing percussiveness of his feet is brilliant, and the glamorously alert lines and shapes he made through-out the body were almost as radiant as his smiles.”

“The brilliant incisiveness of his footwork raised the evening’s tension”

The New York Times