Teatro Municipal Villa de Torrox

Ana Morales

Artistic Residency: Peculiar

  • Friday 03 June 2022
  • 20:00 h
  • Teatro Municipal Villa de Torrox
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The freedom of the search, the abandonment of the stereotype, the vulnerability of the one who dances, of the one who creates. The use of the artist’s tools in any sound world. Sound world, created through the different influences of flamenco in other concepts, in other musics, in other distorted players… other voices.

The different personalities, the absolute reality of the millions of ways in which flamenco appears in the bodies, with its
flamenco appears in the bodies, with its truths and non-perfection, that natural flamenco closer to the contemporary than to that utopian academic perception that erases the essence of the innate art.

Different, special, unique or rare, someone who does not fit into genetic traits and sprouts or is born from them a look of different characteristics. Thus we will enter this world created by different artistic personalities to configure a “Flamenco Painting” from an abstract vision of this art.

Ana Morales, Giraldillo al Baile Award at the 2018 Flamenco Biennial, conceives a Peculiar world, with endless possibilities for dance, music and flamenco. A world created together with composer and musician Miguel Marín “Arbol”, bailaor Antonio Molina “El Choro”, cantaor Tomás de Perrate, guitarist Rycardo Moreno and harpist Ana Crisman.

Photos: Óscar Romero

Ana Morales

‘Bailaora’ Ana Morales began her dance studies at the Conservatorio de Barcelona, but soon she moves to Seville, with a three-year scholarship granted by the Compañía Andaluza de Danza. She has learned with masters such as José Antonio Ruiz, Rafael Campallo, Juana Amaya, Eva Yerbabuena, Isabel Bayón or Andrés Marín, has been soloist at the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía and has worked with companies such as Antonio “El Pipa”, Javier Latorre o Andrés Marín’s, among others, dancing in the biggest flamenco festivals and events, worldwide. Since 2010 she also creates and directs her own shows.