Joe's Pub (New York, NY)

La Banda Morisca

Las huellas de la memoria

  • Sunday 11 March 2018
  • 21:30 h
  • Joe’s Pub (New York, NY)
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Acclaimed for its intoxicating blend of traditional and modern sounds, La Banda Morisca returns to the Flamenco Festival after its riveting 2016 appearance.

La Banda Morisca

Evoking the cultural heritage of ancient Al- Andalus and its reflection in the sounds of the current Andalusia, the Maghreb, and the Near East, the group mixes Eastern and Western influences from the Mediterranean (including Andalusian moaxajas and North African chaabi) with flamenco and Andalusian rock. The band, composed of impassioned musicians from different backgrounds, is based in the province of Cádiz, home to numerous cultures that have colonized and enriched this land.