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  1. Monday January 23rd, 2023

    IN-PROGRESS: In-Progress 2023 presentation at FITUR

    The mayor of Torrox, Óscar Medina, and the artistic director of the project and Flamenco Festival, Miguel Marín, together with artists Maui and Manuel Liñán, presented In-Progress 2023. A new edition of the artistic residencies and laboratories program that supports flamenco creators. They also announced the artists selected for the first half of the year: Manuel Liñán, Maui, Julio Ruiz, Irene Lozano, Rafael Ramírez and Cristian Martín.

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  2. Friday December 9th, 2022

    IN-PROGRESS: In-Progress 2023 Call for Proposals

    Flamenco Festival, Fundación Concienciarte, Torrox City Hall, and la Bienal de Flamenco de Málaga are launching an initiative to support creative processes through a program of artistic residencies and laboratories, ‘In Progress’.

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  3. Thursday July 7th, 2022

    FLAMENCO FESTIVAL LONDON closes its 17th edition with more than 12,500 spectators

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  4. Wednesday June 29th, 2022

    FLAMENCO FESTIVAL LONDON: María Pagés, Tomatito, Jesús Carmona & more artists at Sadler’s Wells!

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  5. Thursday June 23rd, 2022

    FLAMENCO FESTIVAL LONDON wins over London audiences with “VIVA!” at Sadler’s Wells

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  6. Thursday June 16th, 2022

    FLAMENCO FESTIVAL LONDON returns to Sadler’s Wells: Creating in the present. Transforming the future.

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  7. Sunday May 22nd, 2022

    IN PROGRESS continues with ‘Tercer Cielo’ by Rocío Márquez & Bronquio, and ‘Peculiar’ by Ana Morales

    ‘Tercer Cielo’ y ‘Peculiar’, desarrollados en el programa de residencias de Flamenco Festival, se presentan al público en el Teatro Villa de Torrox

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  8. Monday May 2nd, 2022

    FLAMENCO FESTIVAL closes its 20th edition thrilling 10,000 spectators in the US

    In its 20th anniversary edition, Flamenco Festival took flamenco from coast to coast with world-renowned artists such as Miguel Poveda, Manuel Liñán, Eduardo Guerrero and Mercedes Ruiz, who received standing ovations in packed theatres in New York, Miami and Los Angeles

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  9. Thursday April 21st, 2022

    FLAMENCO FESTIVAL and the World Flamenco Congress

    Flamenco Festival 2022 expands its programme with activities and conferences in collaboration with the World Flamenco Congress

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  10. Tuesday April 19th, 2022

    FLAMENCO FESTIVAL NEW YORK continues dazzling New York’s spring

    Manuel Liñán, Mercedes Ruiz, Eduardo Guerrero, María Moreno and María Terremoto, among the stars that will bring this anniversary edition to a close

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  11. Tuesday April 19th, 2022

    FLAMENCO FESTIVAL MIAMI brings the best of flamenco to the Magic City

    ¡VIVA! by Manuel Liñán, Flamenco Sound Series or the Gala Flamenca among the flamenco shows coming to the Magic City

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  12. Thursday April 7th, 2022

    Miguel Poveda opens FLAMENCO FESTIVAL NEW YORK on its 20th Anniversary

    The Catalan artist will thrill the audience of the Big Apple with ‘In Concert’, kicking off this very special edition […]

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